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Why is exterior maintenance so important?

Detailing the exterior of a vehicle has many benefits. Most obviously it preserves the paint, fights oxidation and premature clear coat failure, improves the car's appearance, and keeps it looking glossy with a high reflective shine. But people often forget that exterior car detailing also maintains the vehicle's resale value by removing years' worth of scratches, damage, and general wear and tear.

Your car's paint is made up of 3 layers. The primer, base coat (color coat), and clear coat. Those 3 layers protect the rest of the vehicle from rust and deterioration. The clear coat is what makes the car shiny and protects the color coat. It is only a form of plastic that is supposed to be 2 mils thick. That's the thickness of a post-it note. But with new cars, the clear coat is getting even thinner and much softer than it used to be, making it more susceptible to contaminant damage, scratches, and premature failure. Clear coat failure is when the clear coat becomes so oxidized it breaks down and flakes off. It looks like the car has sun burn and it's paint peels off. You'll notice oxidation as it starts, when your paint looks duller, whiter, or more hazy than it used to with less reflective shine. As it progresses the paint will feel rough and a white chalk like dust will come off on your hand when you touch the surface. Clear coat has a half life of 5 years. Meaning, after 5 years, unless proper maintenance has been done, you'll notice clear coat degradation, that will progress in a compounding matter over time. (Oxidation will progress faster the worse it gets) When caught early enough, oxidation can be removed with polishing, compounding, or wet sanding, and protectant can be applied to restore the original condition of the clear coat and protect it for the amount of time specified for each type of paint protectant. Think of paint protection like ceramic coatings, waxes, and sealants as a barrier between mother nature and your clear coat.

Just like we apply sun protectant to our skin when we are outside in the sun to prevent sun burn, sun damage, peeling skin, and keep our skin healthy, we have to apply protectant to the "skin" of our vehicle to do the same thing. You wash your body after you come in from a day outside and you protect your skin when you're outside. Your car lives outside. Why aren't we caring for our 2nd and 3rd most important investments like we care for our first most important investment, ourselves?

Obsessively Clean Detailing LLC has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to make sure your vehicle is kept in better than new condition for it's entire life. Now a days, with cars being so expensive and driving up to 400,000 miles, it's important as ever to take care of them so they will last, and you'll be happy and proud to own them until the day they take that final tow truck ride to shiny car heaven. Where they will be stripped and crushed!

OCD LLC provides mobile car detailing near Hatfield, PA and specializes in mobile ceramic coating installations and paint corrections (polishing). I excel in interior and exterior detailing in Bucks County and Montgomery County, Pa. I also provide mobile RV detailing near Hatfield, PA and boat detailing. My attention to detail is unmatched and my passion for each project is palpable. Give me a call and I'll be happy to help you with all your detailing needs. I'm fully insured, licensed to work in PA, and certified by Artdeshine as one of their Pro Installers and Apex Surface Protection as a Pro Coating Installer.

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