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What's the best way to contact Obsessively Clean Detailing LLC?

A phone call or text is the fastest option. Dial 267-753-9388 or email us at

Can the weather effect my appointment?

Yes, it can effect your scheduled appointment. We will always do our best to work around the weather and make accommodations to get the job done on time. Unfortunately, sometimes we must concede to mother nature and reschedule. If you have access to a garage or car shelter, weather is less of a factor. Contact us for more details on weather restrictions and our solutions.

How long will my detailing appointment take?

The level of services and protection you wish to own will effect the time necessary to complete the project at the highest standards. Washes typically last 1 to 3 hours and details can range from 4 hours to multiple days. Top tier protection like ceramic coatings, need many hours, to days of prep, and at least 4 hours of curing time before you can drive off in your pristine investment. When booking, we'll discuss how much attention your vehicle will need to get the job done right.

Do you need me to provide anything to complete the services?

Besides the vehicle itself, we'll need the keys to access every area to be cleaned.  Most jobs require access to an electrical outlet and a standard water hose connection within 200ft of the vehicle. If you don't have access to either connections, we can make arrangements to accommodate each unique situation. 

What areas do you service?

   All of Montgomery County, PA and Bucks County, PA. You'll see me most often in Hatfield, PA, North           Wales, PA, Lansdale, PA, Montgomeryville, Pa, Perkasie, Pa, Horsham, PA, Hilltown, PA, Chalfont, PA,           Doylestown, PA, and Green lane, PA! 

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